Banana da Madeira

Designed in collaboration with the prestigious, international interior designer, Nini Andrade Silva, the Banana da Madeira collection is a celebration of the iconic banana tree that is so prevalent on the volcanic island of Madeira.   

A truly unique collection, each piece was designed by Nini Andrade Silva and bears her signature on its base, alongside the Bordallo Pinheiro logo. 

We hope that you enjoy this special tribute to the beautiful island of Madeira. 

Nini Andrade Silva

Nini Andrade Silva is one of the most prestigious interior designers in the world. Born in Funchal on the island of Madeira, she has been involved in projects all over the globe and her work has garnered extensive national and international recognition.

"I don't follow trends, I seek to create them"
-Nini Andrade Silva

Banana da Madeira Centrepiece

This exquisite banana inspired work is the focal piece of the Banana da Madeira collection! This centrepiece, with 29 individually crafted bananas, finished in bright yellow, is bold and full of personality. 

This popular piece is currently sold out, but can be pre-ordered on request.

Banana da Madeira - Salad Bowl

The simple beauty of the banana leaf is truly captured in the detailing of this medium sized salad bowl. Ideal for filling with a sharing salad, fruit or an indulgent dessert.    

 Banana da Madeira Platter 

Depicting 3 banana leaves, this medium size platter is flat with a slightly upturned edge. Perfect for presenting an array of snacks, canapés or charcuterie and cheeses.

Banana da Madeira Platter - Large

Featuring multiple overlapping banana leaves, this large platter is great for serving mains such as fish, meat or pasta. It would also look stunning as a fruit bowl, or left empty as an eye-catching centrepiece. 

Banana da Madeira Pitcher

Beautiful and functional, this jug is perfect for serving a refreshing Sangria or an equally thirst quenching tropical cocktail. Alternatively, fill with a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers and use as a vase. 

Banana da Madeira Bowl - Medium

Mimicking the shape of a single curled up banana leaf, this small to medium bowl can be used for serving pre-dinner snacks, side dishes, or sauces and gravies.

Madeira Dreaming

Madeira, an archipelago of 4 islands, is an oasis within the Atlantic. Dramatic natural scenery, towering mountains and tropical forests, make it a special and unique place. Combine this with a people that are welcoming and hospitable, reflecting the laid back nature of the Portuguese -- who wouldn't be inspired? 

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