Celebrating Tradition and Elegance with Viana's Conta Collection

It’s always a season of renewal and rediscovery at Vida Bela, and we are thrilled to introduce another magnificent collection that resonates with history and cultural richness - the Viana’s Conta Collection from Portugal Jewels. Each piece in this exclusive assortment echoes the artful traditions and stories woven into the fabric of Portuguese culture, specifically emanating from the heart of Viana do Castelo, a region renowned for its unique and enchanting jewellery.

Viana’s Conta is more than a decorative element; it's a powerful symbol that carries within it tales of tradition, family, and the vibrancy of Portuguese life. Historically, the ownership of Viana’s Conta jewellery was a matter of prestige and sentiment. Women in Portugal would covet these exquisite pieces, not just as an adornment, but as a cherished emblem representing love, protection, and prosperity.

"But what exactly makes Viana’s Conta so special? This form of jewellery is deeply ingrained in the historical and cultural landscapes of Portugal. They were traditionally included in a woman’s dowry and adorned the necks of brides on their wedding days, subsequently being passed down through generations. Each bead, each contour, tells a story of a woman’s journey, a family’s history, and a community’s shared past."

Viana’s Conta jewellery uniquely illustrates the fusion of personal and communal identities. Women would wear these fascinating beads during festivities and significant life events, each piece narrating tales of their ancestry, heritage, and the continuity of their communities. The jewellery became a link to the past, an embodiment of shared narratives and collective memories, and a vehicle through which the stories, values, and symbols of a community could be perpetuated.

Crafted with meticulous care, the beads encapsulate the essence of Portuguese artistry, each piece acting as a conduit that connects the wearer to their roots, community, and shared cultural tales. It’s not just about the intricate beauty of each bead but the soul, the history, and the tradition it carries with it. Owning a piece from the Viana’s Conta Collection is akin to possessing a fragment of Portuguese culture and history, a personal legacy that can be passed down through generations.

Dive into the historical grandeur and contemporary elegance of the Viana's Conta Collection at Vida Bela, where tradition beautifully intertwines with modern aesthetic sensibilities. Here, every piece is a celebration of a rich cultural tapestry, an ode to the art and stories of Viana do Castelo, waiting to become part of your own legacy and personal story. Explore, celebrate, and carry forward the magnificent tales encapsulated in the Viana’s Conta Collection.

"Jewellery is like the perfect spice - it always complements what's already there." - Diane Von Furstenberg

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