Diving into Bordallo Pinheiro's New Sardine Designs: A Feast for the Eyes

Welcome back to the Vida Bela blog, where we celebrate the extraordinary beauty and culture of Portugal. This week, we're thrilled to introduce the newest designs in Bordallo Pinheiro's Sardine Collection.

The humble sardine has been a symbol of abundance and prosperity in Portugal for centuries, celebrated annually during the Festas de Lisboa. Bordallo Pinheiro, an iconic name in Portuguese pottery, transforms this emblematic creature into extraordinary pieces of art through the Sardine Collection.

Each ceramic sardine in this collection is a unique masterpiece. The diverse themes, intricate designs, and vibrant colours are reflective of the artist's personal vision, and each sardine tells its own unique story. These pieces, with their individual narratives and aesthetics, offer a fresh and exciting perspective on traditional Portuguese culture.

An exciting feature of the Sardine Collection is the opportunity it presents for wall installations. Each ceramic sardine has a hole at the back for hanging on a nail or screw, making it easy for you to create your own unique wall decor. Whether you choose to display a single sardine as a statement piece or group them into a dynamic collage, these pieces are bound to transform your walls into storytelling murals.

Our latest arrivals in the Sardine Collection are a testament to Bordallo Pinheiro's commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and the celebration of Portuguese culture. We invite you to explore these exciting new designs and infuse your spaces with a taste of Portugal's coastal charm.

In the words of Portuguese author José Saramago, "Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is what we are." Discover the unnamed beauty and stories within each Bordallo Pinheiro ceramic sardine and let it speak to your spirit.

Até a próxima (until next time),

Melissa & the Vida Bela Team

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