Summer Splendour on Your Table: The Tropical Salad Bowl Collection


As summer unfolds, it brings with it a vibrant palette of colours, flavours, and the promise of endless days filled with sunshine and joy. In the spirit of this lively season, Vida Bela is thrilled to introduce a unique addition to your summer dining: the Bordallo Pinheiro Tropical Collection's Salad Bowls. This collection is a celebration of novelty, fun, and the art of dining, transforming every meal into an extraordinary experience.

A Celebration of Summer's Bounty

The Tropical Salad Bowl Collection by Bordallo Pinheiro is a tribute to the lush, vibrant essence of summer. Featuring the exotic Passion Fruit, the intriguing Anona, and the beloved Avocado, these salad bowls are not just vessels for your culinary creations; they are masterpieces of whimsical artistry and innovation.

  • Passion Fruit Bowl: Immerse yourself in the spirited zest of summer with a bowl that captures the essence of passion fruit. Its detailed design and vivid colours make every salad a visual and culinary adventure.
  • Anona Bowl: With its intricate textures and soft, inviting hues, the Anona bowl brings a touch of exotic elegance to your table, offering a novel way to enjoy your favourite summer salads.
  • Avocado Bowl: Celebrate the creamy delight of avocados with a bowl that mirrors its natural beauty. This piece is a testament to the playful and creative spirit of Bordallo Pinheiro, making your dining experience both fun and memorable.

Craftsmanship and Creativity

Each bowl in the Tropical Collection exemplifies Bordallo Pinheiro's commitment to craftsmanship and creativity. Meticulously crafted, these pieces not only serve as functional tableware but also as expressions of art, bringing the vibrancy of the tropics right to your dining table.

In the words of the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier, "Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness." This sentiment resonates with the essence of our Tropical Salad Bowl Collection, which aims to transform everyday meals into moments of joy and celebration.

Embracing Summer Dining

These unique salad bowls are the perfect companions for your summer meals, whether you're hosting a casual brunch, a family dinner, or a festive gathering. They add a splash of fun, colour, and novelty to your table, making each meal an occasion to remember.

As we bask in the warmth and abundance of summer, let's embrace the opportunity to create memorable dining experiences with loved ones. The Bordallo Pinheiro Tropical Salad Bowl Collection invites you to bring a touch of summer splendour to your table, blending the art of dining with the joy of the season.

Explore our Tropical Fruits collection and let your summer dining be a celebration of creativity, joy, and the beauty of nature's bounty.

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