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Cloudy Butterflies - Oval Platter
Cloudy Butterflies - Oval Platter
Cloudy Butterflies - Oval Platter

Introducing the captivating Cloudy Butterflies Oval Platter, an earthenware gem measuring H27mm L330mm W225mm. This remarkable piece is the result of a collaboration between Bordallo Pinheiro and Claudia Schiffer, combining Bordallo Pinheiro's unique naturalist style with Schiffer's passion for the countryside. Adorned with beautifully rendered butterflies in soft hues on a stark white canvas, this platter transcends its utilitarian purpose, serving as a statement piece that elevates your dining ensemble.

The Cloudy Butterflies Oval Platter is a harmonious fusion of artistic brilliance and traditional craftsmanship. This unique piece springs from the collaboration between Bordallo Pinheiro, renowned for their distinct earthenware creations, and Claudia Schiffer, a supermodel globally recognised for her love of the countryside.

The platter is graced with an enchanting array of hand-painted butterflies, each meticulously detailed against a radiant white background. The soft blues, oranges, and neutral tones imbue the piece with a sense of calm and sophistication, adding an ethereal quality to its overall look. The lifelike depictions bring each butterfly to life, presenting them as emblems of grace and freedom.

The oval platter's ample size makes it perfect for serving a variety of dishes, from appetizers and entrees to desserts. The rich butterfly motifs lend a vibrant touch to your food presentation, transforming your table into a visual delight.

Beyond its practical function as a serving dish, this platter doubles as an eye-catching decorative item. When not in service, it can be displayed as an artwork to enhance your home's aesthetic charm, reflecting your appreciation for art and nature.

The Cloudy Butterflies Oval Platter is a testament to the unmatched artistry of Bordallo Pinheiro, combined with Claudia Schiffer's rural inspirations. It captures the essence of nature, art, and collaboration, making it a coveted addition to any homeware collection. Whether you're a long-time Bordallo Pinheiro enthusiast, an admirer of Claudia Schiffer, or simply a lover of unique designs, this platter is sure to elevate your dining and decor experience.