The frog was one of the animals originally honoured by ceramic artist and sculptor, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro. Symbols of abundance, prosperity and good luck, frogs have featured prominently on several of the brand's signature pieces.  

The frog motif has become synonymous with the Bordallo Pinheiro brand, even appearing on its logo! 

We are super excited to share some newly arrived frog-inspired pieces, as well as some old favourites! 

This unique piece is part of the Censorada collection which showcases century-old Bordallo designs with a stripped down colour palette for a more modern aesthetic. Use this frog-inspired planter to display pot plants or display on its own as a decorative piece.  

This brand new decorative frog is a quintessential member of the Bordallo Art collection and would feel right at home in a garden or water feature setting, or as a quirky display piece in your living room or study.

Which is your favourite froggy friend?

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