At any gathering or celebration in Portugal, one thing is for sure -- the grilled sardines are never too far away! 

This could not be more true than during the Popular Saints Festivals, which happen in cities throughout Portugal on their respective patron saints' feast days.

The festivities are wild -- often going on through the night -- with parades, music and parties filling the streets. Revellers come out in their droves to eat, drink and be merry. 

This week we bring you some festive sardines, inspired by the truly unique Popular Saints celebrations.

St. Anthony is the patron saint of Lisbon. His feast day is a party second to none with city-wide parades and celebrations.
No summer festival in Portugal is complete without sardines grilled over coals -- the most popular food of the summer.
The traditional neighbourhood of Alfama is one of the liveliest areas of Lisbon during the  Popular Saints festivities.
If there is a delicacy always present during the festivities, it is the traditional Caldo Verde soup!
Food is a central element of Portuguese summer celebrations, which take place as much at the table, as on the narrow streets of Lisbon.
Inspired by the outfits of Lisbon's festivals, the striped socks evoke the Chapitô performing arts school and its charming neighbourhood feel.


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