Painting the Home Red: Celebrating Portugal's Vibrant Spirit

At Vida Bela, we're drawing inspiration from the passionate spirit of Portugal this week. The colour red – a symbol of strength, love, and life, is the focal point of our celebration. With its commanding presence in the iconic red-tiled roofs of Lisbon and the rich allure of Port wine, red holds a special place in Portugal's vibrant culture.

The Radiance of Red

The colour red is a universal attention-grabber, associated with deep emotions spanning love, anger, and excitement. It's not just another colour in Portugal; it's an emblem of national identity, embodying the country's passionate spirit and warm, welcoming nature.

As Portuguese author José Saramago once said, "Portugal is not a small country... It's a large world." The grandeur and depth of red seem to reflect this sentiment perfectly, reaching far beyond its physical boundaries to touch hearts worldwide.

Red in Portuguese Culture and Home Decor

Interestingly, red wasn't always cherished in Portugal. During the 18th century, red clothing was even taxed heavily, making it a colour for the elite. Fast-forward to the present day, and red has found its way back into the hearts and homes of the Portuguese people.

In home decor, red is bold and daring. A vibrant red centrepiece or a set of red ceramics can transform a space, making it warmer and more inviting. Our carefully selected red items, with their Portuguese charm and artisanal craftsmanship, promise to infuse your home with the same rich vibrancy.

Our Red Collection

From ruby red wine glasses to scarlet ceramics, our red collection offers pieces that will fill your home with warmth and exuberance. Each item we present is a celebration of the intense hue, a tribute to Portugal's vibrant spirit.


As we navigate through the many shades of red in our collections this week, we invite you to join us in celebrating this captivating colour. Let's embrace the Portuguese love for life and colour, transforming our homes into a canvas of vibrant, joyful expressions.

Let's celebrate life, one colour at a time, with Vida Bela!

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