With summer on its way, it's time to welcome the panoply of summer fruits that the season brings. Think luscious strawberries, juicy tomatoes, and mouthwatering watermelon. 

We've got all these and more, rendered in exquisite, lifelike detail--just as you've come to expect from Bordallo Pinheiro!





 With its classic green colour and dainty strawberry detailing, this cheese platter makes a beautiful, understated addition to any table. Use it to serve cheese, snacks or even cake!  


Traditionally styled and hand-detailed, this adorable strawberry platter is perfect for summertime entertainment. Serve snacks, sides, salad or leave it empty as decorative centrepiece.
Pizza night will never be the same again! This bright and bold tomato-inspired pizza plate is sure to take family pizza night to the next level.
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